Lucie works this way

Systemical approach is very seccessfully used in family counselling or in therapy of psychosomatic diseases. This way of work is actually the foundation of coaching.

Systemical therapy is said to be a quick therapy. My clients, who are satisfied with this way of work, often need help with clarification of their thougthts. They need to talk possible scenarios over before making a desision.

Systemical therapy is a young therapeutical approach. It originated in 1980s. The basic different between systemical therapy and other therapeutical approaches is a diversion from seeing the therapist as an omniscient professional and from seeing the client as a powerless object of care. Systemical therapy perceives the therapeutic relationship as an encounter of two equal partners in cooperation. There is one other difference; therapist doesn´t strive to „read between the lines“ and analyze roots of problems. The goal of systematical approach is to help as soon as possible to find and use client´s own resources and his own ability to solve his problems.

When I tried to explain this approach to my grandma, she said something like this: „It is in fact completely unimportant how they got into this mess. The main thing is to get out of it.“

It is one of reasons why I use this approach during my work with pairs and families. I and my clients, we all are satisfied with keeping certain level of secrets. It is tactful because it isn´t necessary to dredge up details and mutual grievances in front of a more or less complete stranger – therapist. On principle, I won´t say to you a judgement as: „Look, this is the husband´s fault and that is the wife´s fault.“…I believe, we go to court for judgement and we go to the therapist for solution.

Systematical therapy uses what client already does. It search „grains of the good“ and it builds a new direction of client´s life on them.

It looks as if the client solved everything by himself. He wouldn´t solve anything without specific therapeutic guidance. On the other hand, the therapist didn´t provide instructions how to treat his psyche, his body and instructions about his behaviour. The therapist helped the client to help himself side by side with him. (V. Strnad).