I received master degree in psychogy at Palacký University Olomouc. I have known Zuzana since our studies. I graduated in 2008.

I have been occupied with soft skills training and leadership skills training since I studied at the university. I have given lectures for students, office workers, forman and even management.

From 2006 – 2011 I was concerned with company education, psychology of management, coaching and leadership skills development. I worked for several multinational companies. I spent 6 months in Telefonica headquarters in Madrid during my work for O2 company.

From 2007 – 2008 I attended the coatches training in Systemical Experience Institut (ISZ).

It was probably coaching that brought me „back to roots.“ During work with individuals, we often run across this fact: Although we understand the current situation, we know and desire to implement necessary changes, the klient is in some sort of „trap“ because the significant others (people around him) has created the situation together with him. This brought me bact to ISZ – to counseling training. I´m going to finish this training in November this year. I´m in a process of choosing a big psychotherapeutic training.

Retrospectively, I appreciate a lot the years spent in big companies outside of psychology field. I think, I have tried on my own skin the world of my coached clients – the world of big corporations with everyting that goes with it – performance pressure, required image, enchantment by my own success, the consequencies at home and on my own body…

Equally, I am glad I have left this world. It enabled me to combine my two loves – psychotherapy and coatching together with my love towards dogs. In my working week, I spend two days in counseling office with human clients. I also work three days „in field“ with animal clients. Together with people we are trying to solve their problems at work, at home or within themselves. Together with dogs and their masters, we are trying to solve such problems as destroying things at home, fouling the flat, agresivity, timidity…It is great feeling when a client comes to the second consultation and I have to ask questions as: „Who are you and what on earth did you do with worn-out Hana and uncontrollable Tobi, who was dragging you whenever he pleased?“

I cooperate with veterinaty clinic in Stodůlky while I work as an animal psychologist – the clinic is called Vetcenter. I work on the presumption that dogs are naturaly healthy and the majority of behavioral problems can be resolved when the master of the dog changes something in his behaviour towards it. This presumptions has been proven to be valid.