animal psychology

A few vets and a bit more training instructors occupy themselves with correction of animal problematic behaviour inCzechRepublic. According to clients interest it seems that more and more pet owners realise their need of help and advice.

The most common problems addressed by dog owners are these:

  • dog who fouls his owner’s flat
  • a disobedient dog who runs away
  • dog who howls, barks and destroys things when he is alone
  • dog who is  timid or aggressive towards other dogs
  • dog who has bitten a child or anybody else

I know from my experience that the majority of dog’s problematic behaviour is only reaction to his surroundings. I.e. these dogs aren’t mentally ill or e.g. pathologically aggressive or timid. I can see that distinctive positive changes in dog’s behaviour occur after relatively short-time work with his owner.

My way to help starts with people. I had to learn, however, to evaluate if doggie doesn´t suffer from an illness; if it´s the case I will send you to a good vet. I owner of two dogs myself and therefore alpha-female of a minipack. I also have long-standing experience with dog training; I brought along my schnauzer to my first exam when I was 15. Primarily, I pay attention to people – dog masters. I’m convinced a change of owner’s behaviour is the necessary basis towards a change of dog’s behaviour.

I will attempt to find you such a solution which is workable and which you will be able to keep over a long period.

I will tell you straight that I can´t help if the dog´s owner wishes this: “Doctor, here is my dog. He makes me mad and so mend him. I won´t be changing anything in my behaviour because it isn´t possible to do so.” In this way, In this way, I can´t do it either.

  1. I´m not a doctor (nor a dog-repairer)
  2. When I “mend” your dog by myself, I will have to do it this way: I will take him home with me for some time. It is possible and such a solution might work very well; your dog is going to change his ways quite nicely at my place in a well-raised and well-socialized pack. But…try tu guess what is going to happen when you take him back where everything will be as it was before. I´m going to pay a beer for anyone who will guess this correctly 🙂
  3. Dog is a social being. Therefore he reacts to behavioral changes of his significant others. It unabled him domestication and coexistence with people. It can be used very well for problematical behaviour correcting. In other words, if his master changes his behaviour fitingly, the dog adapts to a new situation and he himself starts to behave more desirably. He won´t do it, however, out of decency. He won´t change because somebody has explained him how to behave or because he saw it somewhere else 🙂

Purely and simly, it won´t work without the master 🙂

 What will be our cooperation like?

The miracles happen quickly if my guidance is good. Yet, they are not immediate. I can´t say what is a minimal number of consultations to guarantee a change. Sometimes a two-hour consultation is enough. In most cases, we meet after two or three weeks again. A change can be seen after this period.

Personally, I prefer working with a client who can understand that the problem can´t be solved after one session. In this case, we both avoid disappointment.

The most proved model is 3 sessions with a written report and a possibility of phone consultations in between.

The appointments are planned with an approximate two-week interval. It is a period when the owner can make a progress at home. He also finds out what doesn´t work the way he wished to.

The first consultation

You call me or send me an e-mail (and I will call you back just to make sure). We arrange an appointment. The first consultation will take place where the problem is. So, if you and your dog have a problem at home, I will come to your place. When the problem is outside, we will go out together. Firstly, I´m going to question you quite a lot and observe what is going on. Then I try to describe what I saw and tell you what is needed to be done.

Written summary

You will get the summary of what I saw and how you should progress by an email after the first consultation. You might also get links for further information – videos, articles and tools.

Phone consultation

It´s main purpose is to have a possibility between consultation to solve your troubles and doubts flexibly which might appear during introduction of theory into experience.

Next consultations

They are almost the same. You will tell me what progress have you made what doesn´t get on so well and we will find another way or trick for your naughty dog. The frequency of consultations can get lower and lower. I saw a client after three months recently. She wanted to “come for a check-up just to make sure everything is O.K. and I don´t overlook anything.” It is a pleasure to work with a client who says one day that he doesn´t need me anymore. Everything is as it should be. He and his dog friend are fond of each other again and they enjoy each other´s company. It is a reason why we have them, isn´t it?