You sometimes meet her asistant while working with Lucie

Why are dogs used in psychotherapy? What is canistherapy?

Canistherapy is, generally speaking, a healing influence of the dog to human being. Dogs are most frequently used for rehabilitation. There are two very nicely written articles about canistherapy on the web called HafBezObav, where we attend the training.

Kubík doesn´t work instead of me within a therapeutical session. Nevertheless, it has been assessed that the heart rate and blood pressure is decreasing within 7 minutes while petting a dog. In other words, client is pleasantly calmed down by the dog when he brings his worries to the session. Practically, the course of action is this: You will be welcomed by both of us and then the following situation can vary. Sometimes, Kuba lies down under the client´s feet. On other occasions, he just watches the client from the distance without disturbing. Naturally, a roller for cleaning hairs is available.

Who is Kubík?

Kubík, officialy Jakub Adamův Hrádek, was born 4th October 2010 in Lanžhot. It is in the
South of Bohemia near the border with Slovakia. His breeder is my long-time friend. Originally, I went to her just to help with her pack for couple of days when the puppies were born. When I was leaving I said goodbye to eleven-day-old Kuba and we were probably meant for each other. He is an unbelievably cuddly pet and a laid-back guy from the beginning. He becomes friend with everyone and is regardful of children and small dogs. He is a normal teenager at the same time, who is able not to hear, not to understand. He also can look as if he has been starving for a week…

I am glad I have such work where I can bring him along. Nevertheless, In case of your alergy, he can stay at home from time to time.