basic information

We accept clients from 15 years of age and adults into our care. In family rapy, we also work with children on condition that at least one parent is present.

We consult in Czech or in English.

individual therapy

We charge 800 Kč/60 minutes

family (couple) counselling

1000 Kč/90 minutes


1000 Kč/90 minutes

animal psychology

600 Kč/60 minutes

consultation terms

 Client who finally plucks up the courage, picks the phone and makes an appointment with the therapist, often wants to start resolving his problem as soon as possible. Even though the clinical psychologist is paid by insurance company, the problem is in 3 week-long waiting for an appointment. In order to comply with your wishes, we always have 1 or 2  terms free in a week for new clients.

It is necesary to make an appointment for a consultation. You can do so by phone or e-mail. If you need to cancel an arranged appointment, it is necessary to do so 24 hours beforehand. You will be charged for this appointment otherwise. If your therapist cancels a consultation less then 24 hours beforehand, your next consultation is free.


Every information you provide is treated as confidential; i.e. we don´t give it to anybody without your express contsent. With the exception of situations when you endanger your own life or life of the others. Another exception is the situation emerging from the law. For example obligation to report certain crimes – Act no. 140/1961 § 167,168.


We work under supervision for the sake of our professional growth and increasing of our services quality. It means we consult the process of our work with the client with a more experienced colleague – supervisor. We keep the anonymity of the client during these consultation, i.e. we don´t give our supervisor any information which could lead to client´s identification.