Zuzana works this way

The major principle of this therapy is that psyche of every human beeing has selfhealing powers within itself. These powers are set to motion by the therapeutic prosess. The therapist´s role is to accompany the client while he searches for whatever he needs in order to recover or solve his problems.

Analytical therapy is intended for resolving more profound and long-lasting problems; e.g. mental disorders, traumatic experience, long-lasting failure in relationships, at work or in performance. It is also suitable for clients who require a sensitive approach. From this reason this therapy is more likely to be long-term (over 20 sessions).  This long-term duration of the therapy is given by the severity of client´s problems or the necessity to look for their roots. E.g. it is essential for the client to go back to previous negative experience and to be confronted with them.

As an analytical therapist, I also assist the client with developing his full potential. It means I help him to discover his talents, life options and his resources. The goal of such work is the ability to lead fulfilled and contented life in the area of work, pasttime and relationships.

Analytical therapy also occupies itself with spiritual topics and crisis. E.g. it looks for the answer of questions such as „Who am I?“ „What is the purpose of my life?“ „What is my relationship toward transcendental reality?“ This therapy can also help during solving of existencial crisis (e.g. the client coming into therapy is satisfied in his marriage, at work and with his hobbies. Despite this fact, there is something missing in his life. He is unhappy without knowing why. He is dissadisfied without realizing what it is he needs).

The primary goal of analytical therapy is a permanent positive change. This change is not only in behaviour, which unables the client to cope with his task at work and in relationships. This change is also in attitudes, emotional experience and in characteristics of the client. Such a change means an improvement of relationships toward himself and the others. It unable the client to live affluent and fulfilled life.